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  • DP152 Xiyadie Queer Cut Utopias Cover

    Drawing Papers 152

    Xiyadie: Queer Cut Utopias

  • DP151 Of Mythic Worlds Cover

    Drawing Papers 151

    Of Mythic Worlds: Works from the Distant Past through the Present

  • DP150 Cover

    Drawing Papers 150

    Ibrahim El-Salahi: Pain Relief Drawings

  • DP150 Ecce Homo

    General Idea: Ecce Homo

  • DP149 The Clamorof Ornament Cover1

    Drawing Papers 149

    The Clamor of Ornament: Exchange, Power, and Joy from the Fifteenth Century to the Present

  • DP148 Fernanda Laguna

    Drawing Papers 148

    Fernanda Laguna: The Path of the Heart

  • DP147 DCP

    Drawing Papers 147

    Drawing in the Continuous Present

  • DP146 Jack Shears Vol 2

    Drawing Papers 146, Volume 2

    Ways of Seeing: Three Takes on the Jack Shear Drawing Collection, Volume 2

  • DP146 Jack Shears Vol 1

    Drawing Papers 146

    Ways of Seeing: Writings on Drawings from the Jack Shear Collection, Volume 1

  • DP145 Huguette Caland

    Drawing Papers 145

    Huguette Caland: Tête-à-Tête

  • DP144 Hammons

    Drawing Papers 144

    David Hammons: Body Prints, 1968-1979

  • DP143 100 Drawings

    Drawing Papers 143

    100 Drawings from Now

  • DP142 Guo Fengyi

    Drawing Papers 142

    Guo Fengyi: To See from a Distance

  • DP141 Santiago

    Drawing Papers 141

    Curtis Talwst Santiago

  • DP140 Pencil is a Key

    Drawing Papers 140

    The Pencil Is a Key: Drawings by Incarcerated Artists

  • DP139 Reeves

    Drawing Papers 139

    Jennifer Wynne Reeves: All Right for Now

  • DP138 For Opacity

    Drawing Papers 138

    For Opacity: Elijah Burgher, Toyin Ojih Odutola, and Nathaniel Mary Quinn

  • DP137 Neo Rauch

    Drawing Papers 137

    Neo Rauch: Aus dem Boden / From the Floor

  • DP136 hipkiss

    Drawing Papers 136

    Hipkiss: Bulwark

  • DP135 winters

    Drawing Papers 135

    Terry Winters: Facts and Fictions

  • DP134 Eddie Martinez

    Drawing Papers 134

    Eddie Martinez: Studio Wall

  • DP133 Judith Bernstein

    Drawing Papers 133

    Judith Bernstein: Cabinet of Horrors

  • DP132 Exploratory

    Drawing Papers 132

    Exploratory Works: Drawings from the Department of Tropical Research Field Expeditions

  • DP131 Jackson Mac Low

    Drawing Papers 131

    Jackson Mac Low: Lines-Letters-Words

  • DP130 Mateo Lopez

    Drawing Papers 130

    Mateo López: Undo List

  • DP129 Olga Chernysheva

    Drawing Papers 129

    Olga Chernysheva: Vague Accent

  • DP128 Cecily Brown

    Drawing Papers 128

    Cecily Brown: Rehearsal

  • Pages from DP127 De la Mora

    Drawing Papers 127

    Gabriel de la Mora: Sound Inscriptions on Fabric

  • DP126 Sol Le Witt

    Drawing Papers 126

    Drawing Dialogues: Selections from the Sol LeWitt Collection

  • DP125 J Bartlett

    Drawing Papers 125

    Jennifer Bartlett: Hospital

  • DP124 Louise Despont

    Drawing Papers 124

    Louise Despont: Energy Scaffolds and Information Architecture

  • DP123 Rashid Johnson

    Drawing Papers 123

    Rashid Johnson: Anxious Men

  • DP122 Pousette Dart

    Drawing Papers 122

    Richard Pousette-Dart: 1930s

  • DP121 Beaux Arts

    Drawing Papers 121

    Portraits from the École des Beaux-Arts Paris

  • DP120 Tomi Ungerer

    Drawing Papers 120

    Tomi Ungerer: All in One

  • DP119 Schawinsky

    Drawing Papers 119

    Xanti Schawinsky: Head Drawings and Faces of War

  • DP118 Threadlines

    Drawing Papers 118

    Thread Lines

  • DP117 Small

    Drawing Papers 117


  • DP116 Intuitionists

    Drawing Papers 116

    The Intuitionists

  • DP115 Lye

    Drawing Papers 115

    Len Lye: Motion Sketch

  • DP114 Woods

    Drawing Papers 114

    Lebbeus Woods, Architect

  • DP112 Newsome

    Drawing Papers 112

    Rashaad Newsome: FIVE (The Drawing Center)

  • DP111 Grant

    Drawing Papers 111

    Deborah Grant: Christ You Know it Ain't Easy!!

  • DP110 Adria

    Drawing Papers 110

    Ferran Adrià: Notes on Creativity

  • DP109 dickinsonwalser

    Drawing Papers 109

    Dickinson/Walser: Pencil Sketches

  • DP108 DTRT

    Drawing Papers 108

    Drawing Time, Reading Time

  • DP107 Rockman

    Drawing Papers 107

    Alexis Rockman: Drawings from Life of Pi

  • DP106 Hefuna

    Drawing Papers 106

    Susan Hefuna and Luca Veggetti: NOTATIONOTATIONS

  • DP105 Ken Price

    Drawing Papers 105

    Ken Price: Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Works on Paper 1962-2010

  • DP104 Fioroni

    Drawing Papers 104

    Giosetta Fioroni: L'Argento

  • DP103 Uriarte

    Drawing Papers 103

    Ignacio Uriarte: Line of Work

  • DP102 Singh

    Drawing Papers 102

    Alexandre Singh: The Pledge

  • DP101 Londono

    Drawing Papers 101

    José Antonio Suárez Londoño: The Yearbooks

  • DP100 Kuitca

    Drawing Papers 100

    Guillermo Kuitca: Diarios

  • DP99 Sean Scully

    Drawing Papers 99

    Sean Scully: Change and Horizontals

  • DP98 Drawing and its Double

    Drawing Papers 98

    Drawing and Its Double: Selections from the Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica

  • DP097 Dr Lakra

    Drawing Paper 97

    Dr. Lakra

  • DP96 Drawn from Photography

    Drawing Papers 96

    Drawn from Photography

  • DP95 Day Job

    Drawing Papers 95

    Day Job

  • DP94 Paul Rudolph

    Drawing Papers 94

    Paul Rudolph: Lower Manhattan Expressway

  • DP93 Claudia Weiser

    Drawing Papers 93

    Claudia Wieser: Poems of the Right Angle

  • DP092 Gerhard Richter

    Drawing Papers 92

    Gerhard Richter: Lines which Do Not Exist

  • DP91 Dorothea Tanning

    Drawing Papers 91

    Dorothea Tanning: Early Designs for the Stage

  • DP090 Leon Golub

    Drawing Papers 90

    Leon Golub: Live & Die Like a Lion?

  • DP 89 Sea Marks

    Drawing Papers 89

    Selections Spring 2010: Sea Marks

  • Pages from DP88 Iannis Xenakis

    Drawing Papers 88

    Iannis Xenakis: Composer, Architect, Visionary

  • Pages from DP87 Ree Morton

    Drawing Papers 87

    Ree Morton: At the Still Point of the Turning World

  • DP86 Unica Zurn

    Drawing Papers 86

    Unica Zürn: Dark Spring

  • Pages from DP85 Sun Xun

    Drawing Papers 85

    Sun Xun: Shock of Time

  • DP084 Selections Spring 09

    Drawing Papers 84

    Apparently Invisible: Selections Spring 2009

  • DP083 MM Paris

    Drawing Papers 83

    M/M (Paris): Just Like an Ant Walking on the Edge of the Visible

  • DP82 Matt Mullican

    Drawing Papers 82

    Matt Mullican: A Drawing Translates the Way of Thinking

  • DP81 Greta Manusson Grossman

    Drawing Papers 81

    Greta Magnusson Grossman: Furniture and Lighting

  • DP080 Kathleen Henderson

    Drawing Papers 80

    Kathleen Henderson: What If I Could Draw a Bird That Could Change the World?

  • DP79

    Drawing Papers 79

    Rirkrit Tiravanija: Demonstration Drawings

  • DP 78 Yuksel Arslan

    Drawing Papers 78

    Yüksel Arslan: Visual Interpretations

  • DP77 Frederick Kiesler

    Drawing Papers 77

    Frederick Kiesler: Co-Realities

  • DP76 Sterling Ruby 1

    Drawing Papers 76

    Sterling Ruby: CHRON

  • DP75 Selections Spring 2008

    Drawing Papers 75

    Selections Spring 2008

  • DP74 Kirstine Roepstorff

    Drawing Papers 74

    Kirstine Roepstorff: It’s Not the Eye of the Needle That Changed—The Time

  • DP073 Alan Saret

    Drawing Papers 73

    Alan Saret: Gang Drawings

  • DP72 Jon Kessler

    Drawing Papers 72

    Jon Kessler: You Have 43 Friends

  • DP072 Jon Kessler LE

    Drawing Papers 72 - Signed edition of 100

    Jon Kessler: You Have 43 Friends Limited Edition

  • DP071 Non Declarative

    Drawing Papers 71

    Non-Declarative Art: Selections Fall 2007

  • DP070 William Anastasi

    Drawing Papers 70

    William Anastasi: Raw

  • DP069 Gego

    Drawing Papers 69

    Gego's Structural Systems

  • DP068 Yong Friedman

    Drawing Papers 68

    Yona Friedman: About Cities

  • DP67 Selections Spring2007

    Drawing Papers 67

    Levity: Selections Spring 2007

  • DP66 Christine Taylor Pattern

    Drawing Papers 66

    Christine Taylor Patten: micro/macro: 261 drawings

  • DP65 Final

    Drawing Papers 65

    Eleanore Mikus: From Shell to Skin

  • DP64 Fall2006

    Drawing Papers 64

    Common Destination: Selections Fall 2006

  • DP63 Crustand Dirt

    Drawing Papers 63

    Crust and Dirt's Instant Drawing Machine

  • DP62 Stephen Posen

    Drawing Papers 62

    Stephen Posen: Dancer/Mirror

  • DP61 Hesse

    Drawing Papers 61

    Eva Hesse: Circles and Grids

  • DP60 Analog Animation

    Drawing Papers 60

    Analog Animation: Selections Spring 2006

  • DP59 Joelle Tuerlincx

    Drawing Papers 59

    Joëlle Tuerlinckx: Study Book

  • DP58 Winter06

    Drawing Papers 58

    Acute Zonal Occult Outer: Selections Winter 2006

  • Persistent Vestiges

    Drawing Papers 57

    Persistent Vestiges: Drawing from the American-Vietnam War

  • DP56 Minshall

    Drawing Papers 56

    Looking at the Spirits: Peter Minshall's Carnival Drawings

  • DP55 Fall05

    Drawing Papers 55

    LineAge: Selections Fall 2005

  • DP54 Keramea

    Drawing Papers 54

    Zoe Keramea: Geometry of Paradox

  • DP53 Selctn Summer05

    Drawing Papers 53

    Wall-to-Wall Drawing: Selections Summer 2005

  • DP52 Mohamedi

    Drawing Papers 52

    Nasreen Mohamedi: Lines among Lines

  • DP51 Martin

    Drawing Papers 51

    3 x Abstraction: Homage to Agnes Martin

  • DP50 Tantra Drawings

    Drawing Papers 50

    Field of Color: Tantra Drawings from India

  • DP49 Richard Tuttle

    Drawing Papers 49

    Richard Tuttle: Manifesto

  • DP48 Ferrari

    Drawing Papers 48

    Leon Ferrari: Politiscripts

  • DP47 Fall04

    Drawing Papers 47

    Talespinning: Selections Fall 2004

  • DP46 Playpen

    Drawing Papers 46

    Playpen: Selections Summer 2004

  • DP45 Honda

    Drawing Papers 45

    Margaret Honda: Transfer Pictures

  • DP43 Almeida

    Drawing Papers 43

    Helena Almeida: Inhabited Drawings

  • DP42 Penone

    Drawing Papers 42

    Giuseppe Penone: The Imprint of Drawing

  • DP41 Mappingsof Being

    Drawing Papers 41

    Mappings of Being: Selections Winter 2003

  • DP40 Mark Lombardi

    Drawing Papers 40

    Mark Lombardi: Global Networks

  • DP39 Internal Excess

    Drawing Papers 39

    Internal Excess: Selections Fall 2003

  • DP38 El Hassan

    Drawing Papers 38

    Róza El-Hassan: Drawings

  • DP37 Spring2003

    Drawing Papers 37

    Street Selections: Selections Spring 2003

  • DP36 Stageof Drwng

    Drawing Papers 36

    The Stage of Drawing: Gesture and Act

  • DP35 The Royal Art Lodge

    Drawing Papers 35

    The Royal Art Lodge: Ask the Dust

  • DP34 Patrnsto Vicuna

    Drawing Papers 34

    DIS SOLVING: threads of water and light

  • DP33 Fall2002

    Drawing Papers 33

    Abstract Tendencies: Selections Fall 2002

  • DP32 Rosen

    Drawing Papers 32

    Kay Rosen, Collages 1999–2002

  • DP31 25th Anniversary Selections

    Drawing Papers 31

    25th Anniversary Benefit Selections Exhibition

  • DP30 Oppnhmr Bezzola

    Drawing Papers 30

    Sarah Oppenheimer and Clarina Bezzola

  • DP29 Kelly

    Drawing Papers 29

    Ellsworth Kelly: A Conversation

  • DP28 Selections2002

    Drawing Papers 28

    Selections Winter 2002: Realistic Means

  • DP27 Ellen Gallagher

    Drawing Papers 27

    Preserve: Ellen Gallagher

  • DP26 Frecon

    Drawing Papers 26

    Suzan Frecon: drawing painting

  • DP025

    Drawing Papers 25

    Anna Maria Maiolino: A Life Line/Vida Afora

  • DP24 Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger

    Drawing Papers 24

    Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger: Eurydice Series

  • DP23 Shakers

    Drawing Papers 23

    Heavenly Visions: Shaker Gift Drawings and Gift Songs

  • DP22 12 Views

    Drawing Papers 22


  • DP21 Ensor

    Drawing Papers 21

    Between Street and Mirror: The Drawings of James Ensor

  • DP20 Performance Drawings

    Drawing Papers 20

    Performance Drawings

  • DP19 Thunderbird

    Drawing Papers 19

    Draw & Tell: Lines of Transformation by Norval Morrisseau/Copper Thunderbird

  • DP18 Trockel

    Drawing Papers 18

    Rosemarie Trockel: Dessins

  • DP17 Chago

    Drawing Papers 17

    From Sierra Maestra to La Habana: The Drawings of Chago

  • DP16 Slctns Wntr01

    Drawing Papers 16

    Selections Winter 2001

  • DP15 Gallinari

    Drawing Papers 15

    Adrianne Gallinari: Wall Drawings

  • DP14 Henri Michaux

    Drawing Papers 14

    Henri Michaux: Emergences/Resurgences

  • DP13 Korwa

    Drawing Papers 13

    Korwa Drawings: Contemporary Tribal Works on Paper from Central India

  • DP12 Soliman

    Drawing Papers 12

    Ania Soliman: Biohazards

  • DP11 Fall2000

    Drawing Papers 11

    Selections Fall 2000

  • DP10 Summer2000

    Drawing Papers 10

    Selections Summer 2000

  • DP9 Mark Manders

    Drawing Papers 9

    Mark Manders: Room with several night drawings and one reduced night scene

  • DP8 Cyrilla Mozenter

    Drawing Papers 8

    Cyrilla Mozenter: Very well saint

  • Dp007 edited

    Drawing Papers 7

    The Prinzhorn Collection: Traces upon the Wunderblock

  • DP6 Castle

    Drawing Papers 6

    James Castle: House Drawings

  • DP5 Nic Hess

    Drawing Papers 5

    Nic Hess [Together Now]

  • DP4 Eisenstein

    Drawing Papers 4

    The Body of the Line: Eisenstein's Drawings

  • DP3 Constant New Babylon

    Drawing Papers 3

    Another City for Another Life: Constant's New Babylon

  • DP2 Darkness Like a Dream

    Drawing Papers 2

    Darkness Like A Dream: Nineteenth Century Sandpaper Drawings

  • DP1 Selections Fall 1999

    Drawing Papers 1

    Selections Fall 1999

  • Susan Hefuna

    Susan Hefuna: Drawing Everything

  • Heavenly Visions

    Heavenly Visions: Shaker Gift Drawings and Gift Songs

  • Victor Hugo

    Shadows of a Hand: The Drawings of Victor Hugo

  • Stage of Drawing

    The Stage of Drawing: Gesture and Act Selected from the Tate Collection

  • Eva Hesse Drawing

    Eva Hesse Drawing

  • Anna Maria Maiolino edited

    Anna Maria Maiolino: Vida Afora / A Life Line

  • Ocean Flowers

    Ocean Flowers: Impressions From Nature

  • Cadavre Exquis

    The Return of The Cadavre Exquis

  • Theatre on Paper

    Theatre on Paper: Alexander Schouvaloff


    Matias Duville: Alaska

  • Alphabet of Lili

    The Alphabet of Lili: Mike Glier

  • Art of Drawing in France

    The Art of Drawing in France 1400–1900: Drawings from the National Museum, Stockholm

  • Willem de Kooning

    Willem de Kooning: Drawing Seeing/Seeing Drawing

  • Drawing Towards a Distant Shore

    Drawing Towards a Distant Shore: Selections from Portugal

  • Drawings from Venice edited

    Drawings from Venice: Masterworks from the Museo Correr, Venice

  • Inigo Jones edited

    Inigo Jones: Complete Architectural Drawings

  • Northern Landscape

    The Northern Landscape: Flemish, Dutch and British Drawings from the Courtauld Collections

  • Picassos Parade front edited

    Picasso's Parade

  • Rajasthani Miniatures

    Rajasthani Miniatures: The Welch Collection from the Arthur M. Sackler Museum

  • Odilon Redon

    Odilon Redon: Selections from the Woodner Family Collection

  • Sculptors Drawings

    Sculptors' Drawings Over Six Centuries 1400–1950

  • Fax edited