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The Drawing Center Artist Tote

The Drawing Center Artist Tote

A purple pencil with "THE DRAWING CENTER" written on it in white font.

The Drawing Center Pencil

General Purpose Case

General Purpose Case

Spiral-bound Sketchbook

Spiral-bound Sketchbook

A baby-blue drawing notebook with a black spiral binding and black ribbon tie. On the front it says "DRAWING BOOK F4" with the Holbein logo next to it.

Mixed Media Sketchbook

A landscape-oriented maroon red drawing notebook with black spiral edge and brown ribbon tie. On the front it says "MULTI-DRAWING BOOK SM" in the lower right corner.

Spiral-bound Sketchbook (Landscape)

The closed cover of the full set. On a black box in white there is a graphic of a pencil drawing the number 36, and below is a list of all colors in the set.

Color Pencil Set

4-Color Retractable Pen

4-Color Retractable Pen

A tin of pencils with the Hot Cool Tokyo logo on it. Below the logo reads "HCT x KITABOSHI PENCIL CO.; MADE IN JAPAN"

Japanese Pencil Set

Artist's Butcher Tray

Artist's Butcher Tray

A set of half a dozen glass ink pots with an empty paint marker.

Acrylic Ink Set

Short Handle Brush

Short Handle Brush

The inside of the 24-color box set. The vibrant rectangular color pots are separated by a white edge.

Japanese Watercolor Set

Water Pot

Water Pot

A pad of gridded paper with blue lines.

Japanese Sketching and Writing Pad

A packet of two pencils, wrapped in plastic in black packaging. On the front it says "10B Beginning Pencil Kitaboshi Style".

Ultrasoft Pencil Set

A small pack of three flourescent orange notebooks. The front cover reads "FIELD NOTES"

Expedition 3-Pack Field Notebook

A red marbled pencil sharpener with screw-off top.

Large Pencil Sharpener

A top-down view of the eraser. There is a cobalt blue wrapper aronund the white eraser, with text on it that reads "RADAR Seed Plastic Eraser"

Large Seed Eraser

Small Seed Almond Eraser

Small Seed Almond Eraser

A black two-sided pencil sharpener with a clear plastic cover.

Small Pencil Sharpener

A wooden manikin with poseable joints.

Wooden Drawing Manikin

A wooden manikin with poseable joints.

Wooden Drawing Manikin (Tall)

Pastel Sticks

Pastel Sticks

A set of ten charcoal sticks in a wooden box with a slide-out top.

Charcoal Sticks

Kneadable Erasers, 2pc

Kneadable Erasers, 2pc

This drawing pad has a black cover with the Molotow logo centered in white. On the front it reads "MOLOTOW MARKER PAD BLACK"

Black Paper Sketch Pad

The brown Molotow 127HS Marker

Refillable Acrylic Marker

A frontal view of the oekaki board, demonstrating its removable magnetic drawing tools. It's in the shape of a house, with a yellow roof and blue chimney.

Magic Drawing Board

A frontal view of the cover of the book. There are several brightly colored simple shapes on a white background, and in the shapes reads the text "STENCIL KIT: MAKE ART with 6 stencil sheets"

Stencil Kit

Primary colored dots cover the outside of the box of this game. On the front of the box it says "Based on the New York Ties Bestseller, Herve Tullet PRESS HERE The Game. 2-6 players, ages 3+. Fun, Creativity, and Visual Imaginaton For The Entire Family!"

Press Here Game

The box for this poster is a bright flourescent pink. The front of the box displays a section of the poster, and in a bright pink circle it reads in gold text "OMY NEW YORK CITY poster"

Pocket Coloring Map of NYC

A flourescent orange box holds a set of 16 colorful markers. On the box it reads in French and English "OMY Magic Markers Double Point, 14 colors + 2 erasers"

Magic Markers

A flat wooden board with several removable shapes cut into it. On the bottom of the wooden board is written in yellow "peacock mandala spinning top".

Spinning Top Kit

A light tuquoise box holds six brightly colored, unusually shaped crayons. The wax implements have a large point and ribbed edges, with a hole in the bottom large enough to stick your finger in.

Neon Finger Crayons

The cover of this book features three primary colored paint smears that blend into each other to form secondary colors. In black text it says "MIX IT UP" on top of them.

Mix It Up! Board Book

Draw Here Activity Book

Draw Here Activity Book

The cover of this book features the words "ART PLAY" with the letters forming out of paint strokes and printed cutouts. The colorful letters sit below the authors name, Marion Deuchars.

Art Play

Colorful splotches of paint cover the box for this set of dominoes. The text on the front reads: "Bob The Artist: DOMINOES". Below the text is a cartoonish illustration of an anthropomorphic bird making a painting on the floor.

Bob The Artist Dominoes

a three-quarter view of the box for the poster. On each side of the box is a section of the poster, and in French and English the box reads "OMY GIANT COLORING ROLL Brooklyn"

Giant Coloring Map of Brooklyn