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Explore rare publications that feature legendary artists and historically renowned exhibitions. Culled from our archive, these catalogs are limited in quantity and are among the most popular from our bookstore collection.


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  • Cover Drawing Center 20220425 O0 A3199 Photo by Daniel Terna

    Anna Maria Maiolino: Vida Afora / A Life Line

  • Cover Drawing Center 20220425 O0 A3212 Photo by Daniel Terna

    Ocean Flowers: Impressions From Nature

  • Cover Nineteen Lines

    Nineteen Lines: A Drawing Center Writing Anthology

  • 1023 001

    The Return of The Cadavre Exquis

  • 02 11 22 DP148 COVOR FINAL

    Drawing Papers 148

    Fernanda Laguna: The Path of the Heart

  • 02 17 22 DP147 COVER v1 B

    Drawing Papers 147

    Drawing in the Continuous Present

  • DP146 preorder mockup

    Drawing Papers 146, Volume 2

    Three Takes on the Jack Shear Drawing Collection

  • Cover from Ways of Seeing

    Drawing Papers 146

    Ways of Seeing: Writings on Drawings from the Jack Shear Collection


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  • Screen Shot 2022 04 11 at 4 13 02 PM


  • EP 3296 A

    Nico + Flowers (Nico Muhly)

  • TF Final Proof


  • JWR MG 4847


  • Berkenblit Untitled 2015 hires

    Untitled, 2015

  • ADRIA cms

    Ferran Adrià : Pictograms