Opening Reception : for Judith Bernstein, Eddie Martinez, Open Sessions 11, and Susan York

Judith Bernstein, Seal of Disbelief, 2017. Mixed media on paper,  96 × 96 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

Please join us Thursday, October 12 for the opening receptions ofJudith Bernstein: Cabinet of HorrorsEddie Martinez: Studio WallWhat the Body Can Do: Open Sessions 11 andSusan York: Foundation

In our Main Gallery, Judith Bernstein: Cabinet of Horrors will present a new body of work commissioned by the Drawing Center focusing on work made since Donald J. Trump was elected president in November 2016, the exhibition will include approximately fifteen new drawings, four large-scale paper panel murals, a series of drawn “dollar bills” and vintage piggy banks in vitrines, and a free political campaign pin designed by Bernstein

In our Drawing Room, Eddie Martinez: Studio Wall, will bring the drawing wall to the museum. The artist will paper the gallery with thousands of sketches that he will change throughout the exhibit's run. In addition, several large drawings and paintings will be hung on top of these sketches allowing viewers to observe the interconnection between all aspects of Martinez’s practice.

In our Lab gallery What the Body Can Do: Open Sessions 11 captures the movement and potential of individual bodies in collective action. The artists in this exhibition dissect spectacles of war, memorialize immigrant and refugee narratives, savor protest cinema and images produced by the paparrazi.

In our Lab corridor, Susan York: Foundation is a site-specific, long term installation that references the internal structure of the museum’s 35 Wooster Street building. Using graphite as a sculptural rather than a two-dimensional medium, York will create replicas of parts of the museum’s foundation: eroded concrete piers that protrude above the museum’s ground floor.