Drawing Papers 136

Hipkiss: Bulwark

Anglo-French artists Alpha and Chris Mason began collaborating in 1983 and now work under the pseudonym Hipkiss. For the past three decades, with Alpha overseeing the narrative development of each work and Chris acting as draftsman, the duo has become well-known for their meticulously-detailed panoramic landscapes that interweave dystopian narratives with a lexicon of symbolic forms.

Published on the occasion of the duo’s first museum show, Hipkiss: Bulwark, Drawing Papers 136 features the thirteen exhibited large-scale drawings from their series The Towers (2015–18) as well as preparatory sketches for each work. The volume also includes a curatorial introduction and an essay by Hipkiss in which the artists reflect on the ongoing discord between manmade and natural environments.

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  • Year 2018
  • Contributors Brett Littman Hipkiss
  • Artists Hipkiss
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 106

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  • Hipkiss, Bulwark #11 from The Towers, 2017. Graphite, silver ink, silver tape, and metal leaf on Fabriano 4 paper, 89 × 16 inches, each. Courtesy of the artists.

    Hipkiss: Bulwark