Drawing Papers 141

Curtis Talwst Santiago

This edition in the Drawing Papers series documents Curtis Talwst Santiago's Can't I Alter, an immersive, drawing-filled installation that explores the theme of ancestry and the necessity of preserving the past while acknowledging the fallacies implicit in historical recollection. A specially-commissioned photographic exhibition tour accompanies new scholarship by curator Claire Gilman, a revealing conversation between the artist and collector Kenneth Montague, and a powerful contribution by the 2020 PEN/ Nabakov Award-winning writer M. NourbeSe Philip.


  • Year 2020
  • Contributors Claire Gilman, Isabella Kapur, Kenneth Montague, M. NourbeSe Philip
  • Artists Curtis Talwst Santiago
  • Binding Paperback

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  • Curtis Talwst Santiago, Red Face Ancestral Vision 1, 2018. Spray paint, oil, charcoal, pastel, acrylic on canvas, 39 ¾ × 39 ½ inches (101 × 100.3 cm). Courtesy of Rachel Uffner Gallery.

    Curtis Talwst Santiago: Can't I Alter